User Rating: 4.5 | Cabela's Dangerous Hunts PC
You were thinking of getting a descent hunting game that also incorporates dangerous animals? Well you've come to the right place... right?? NO!

Shame on you Cabela's for making crappy hunting games and bragging about that they are the best in the world? This title could have been great, if only the developers knew what they were doing, but hey they didn't. Let's sum up the bad things about this half-assed hunting game.

Idiotic AI - Animals run around like they are retarded, they are not shy, and will gladly attack you at any cost! You will be destroyed by a little sheep if you get too close, I mean what the hell, almost every animal wants you dead and it doesn't matter if it's a harmless species or a bear.

Labyrinth outdoors! - I know that the outdoors look different than this? Every level is a labyrinth formed by small and tight paths that lead you directly to the killer animals, if you wanted a hunting game with depth where you can roam freely and use tactics to kill an animal, and not run around in freaking circles! Then this game is not for you.

Realism anyone? - The natural environments look very good, but ultimately it's boiled down to an arcade like atmosphere, you can hunt only 2-4 animals out of 2 per given map, which is pathetic, but also very clear since the maps are tiny to begin with. And if it isn't enough you are forced to battle every animal you encounter because it will go berserk on you and kill you if you don't act in self defense! There are VERY few ambient animals, so the immersion factor is equal to zero. The setting is cheap and forced, you never feel as if you are out there hunting animals, you are stuck chosing corridor A or B, and follow it until you stumble acroos some animals that are literally just waiting for you, because they don't have enough space to run away from you. this game is simply pathetic excuse for a hunting game! FUN LABS should be ashamed for putting this garbage out after the very good Big Game Hunter 2004 Season release, if only this game had the freedom that BHG2004 gave you, it would have been fantastic, but given the fact that you run around in circles the entire time, is just mind-blowingly idiotic.

Do yourself a favor and buy Trophy Hunter 2003 /Deer Hunter 2005/ Deer Hunter Tournament instead; at least you won't end up with a disaster and a terrible headache.