Great Hunting game!

User Rating: 8 | Cabela's Dangerous Hunts XBOX
This a great hunting game! Hunt durring the seasons, and fight against some of the toughest animals in the wild! This is much better then the second game, which really isn't true hunting. This game offers alot of guns, bows, handguns, and knives. Every take a bear down with a knife? My favorite features are, on easy mode with the bullet camra, which you watch your bullet. I also like that you can see where you shot the animal when it is dead, or if you have a keen eye, while its moving after you. I shot a bear with abow straight into its mouth, so you could see it sticking out.

Overall, I think this game is fun for about 10-20 hours of gameplay. Its worth the little you have to spend on it to get it these days. Mine was $10 for a new copy.