Do yourself a favor and buy Atari's "Deer Hunter" instead.

User Rating: 4 | Cabela's Dangerous Hunts PS2
I had owned Atari's "Deer Hunter" for the PS2 for a few months and I got to say, I loved it (and still do). And since there was no sequel to it for the PS2, I decided to pick this game up for $7.99. I shouldn't have.

For starters, this game puts WAY too much emphisis on the whole "hunt or be hunted", "kill or be killed" scene, in the form of an animal charging at you out of nowhere and jumping into your face every 2 seconds. Does that sound fun? It reaaly isn't, especially when you're trying to hunt non-dangerous animals like deer and pronghorn (who, by the way, can also attack you for some reason). This game even features a mode called "Action Zone", in which you must constatly fend-off animal attacks and then run through a portal. Does that sound fun? It really isn't.

The levels in the game, despite being large, always feel small and you constantly feel trapped in due to the fact that there is usually only a little narrow path that you can go through to get to other parts of the level.

As far as gameplay is concerned, it is realistic in the parts where it shouldn't be and arcad-ey in the parts where it should be realistic. Your character seems to move super-fast and the controls are extremely touchy. You can adjust the sensitivity, but it doesn't do much at all. Some sound effects in the game are good, and others are horrible (such as the generic little "AWW" that your character makes when he gets hit by an animal...the same "AWW" sound can be heard if you go to and play the free online golf game that they have. You hear it if your player bounces the ball off of the cup without it going in).

The game's selection of weapons, however, is one of the game's few good points. They're all pretty realistic in the firing and in the loading, and they all look great, even the knives.

Overall, I wouldn't bother with this game unless you want to play some hunting but also want to play a FPS action game, and you find it dirt cheap (the $7.99 I payed for it was too much). Otherwise, PLEASE listen to me and go buy Atari's "Deer Hunter", it's in a whole class ahead of the Cabela games.

I hope this helps!