Hunting for when you don't want to go get your self killed in real life.

User Rating: 9 | Cabela's Dangerous Hunts PS2
The Run Down:
Since I was a young lad I've played this game series. So of course I liked this game. This may have been one of the best hunting games they ever put out. From the big bad wolf to the black death you face off with some of mother natures meanest creation on Gods green earth. Now I under stand most gamers will find this game boring or tedious. But hunting being the sport that it is can only be respected by those who participation in it. That in mind the same is true for gamers who play hunting games. Hunting is a game of patients and any one who has ever gone the animals just don't pop out the moment you get into the woods. When you start the missions and hunts in this game they are all ways there. Really this game is so unlike hunting its not funny. Thats why a person who hunts and is a gamer can appreciate this game more than you folk who spend all of your Saturdays in the worm con-finds of your house. This game was made so you can hunt animals that will hunt or fight you back. The main story of the game is you are a person on a quest to reach hunter legend status. And the way you do it is by completing these insane challenges. From hunting a Kodiak Brown bear at less than 50 yards to killing a rhino with a bow the challenges of this game will make you enjoy being alive.
The Good:
The game had quick hunt and an action zone in which you fight off all the animals in the area. The realistic animal behavior as well fire arms made this game a personal favorite. Hunting all the animals with shot guns and knives should help any one get off playing this game The Bad:
The unrelenting stupid challenges will drive any bat **** crazy. The slower that hell reload time on the riffles can get you killed.
The Ugly:
The game has a difficulty setting flaw, on easy the animals have these little red dots on them. This makes it so easy a one eyed 2nd grader can beat this game.
This is a fun game. I enjoyed playing it and beating it. I give it a 9 out of 10 or a 4 out of 5. Because it is a hunting game and should be rated differently than any other type of game.