After this game, you won't even want to go REAL hunting

User Rating: 1 | Cabela's Dangerous Hunts PS2
The sound of birds chirping, a deer eating grass off in the distance, and the sound of a gunshot going off. These are just some of the sights and sounds that you'll here within the game "Cabela's Dangerous Hunts." The only thing you won't be hearing are the words "This game is awesome" coming from your mouth and your eyes not trying to believe how horrible this game is.
When you first begin Cabela's Dangerous Hunts, there are a couple of game modes such as Career Mode and Quick Play. The Career Mode is self explanatory, but in the Quick Play, there are a number of options like "Survival" (where you're put into a small area and told to survive a pack of hungry wolves with only your gun) or the "Quick Hunt," which is also self explanatory. Regardless, in each mode, whether you're playing Career or Quick Hunt, you must first select your weapons, camo, random stuff like elk calls or antlers so as you can get your animal so close to you that the only way you could miss was if you somehow went blind in the last few precious moment of the time it took for your guy to aim and fire. Now this all may sound well and dandy and you may think that you're ready to go strolling through the merry woods of Canada or California, but the worst part is when you actually GET to the place your hunting.
When your placed in the area that you wana hunt, the graphics are HORRIBLE. That's all you need to know. Now that you've understood that, the game play itself is more of a problem than you'll ever understand (because when you're done with this game, you'll never understand why you got this game in the first place.) As you're walking around the forest trying to find your wonderful furry friend of wall mounted greatness (which is conveniently marked with a target red dot following their every move), you'll be constantly attached by ravaging wolves with rabies (mmmmmmm…. Rabies) Now the challenges usually involve you getting your animal my sundown (which never happens because it constantly stays the same time of day all the time)but unluckily, sometimes your animal will get eaten by another animal or die of "natural causes." This doesn't happen a lot a lot, but when it does, it usually happens within the first two minute of the game and it's annoying.
So there you have it folks… The truth, Pravda, or whatever you call the word "truth" in your native language. Short end of the stick, don't waste your time with this game:D