While story mode may have bombed due to the poor turning mechanics, the shooting gallery are enough to save the game.

User Rating: 7 | Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 (Special Edition) WII
Story: 6.5
Basically, its just about you trying to impress your father.
Graphics: 8.0
Surprisingly good, the frame rate is smooth and the environments are nicely detailed as well as some of the animals you shoot along the way.
Gameplay: 7.5
Let me be honest story mode sucks, mainly due to the fact that the turning mechanics are so slow that you'll end up taking multiple cheap hits due to not being able to turn quick enough, on the other hand though the shooting gallerys are loads of fun but dosen't really resemble a hunting game, more like a house of the dead arcade shooter, with that said although hunter's might not see it coming its surprisingly pretty fun and its even better with a friend.
Sound: 6.0
Ok voice acting and a decent soundtrack.
Lasting Appeal: 7.5
You'll probably wanna skip the story mode, luckily there's loads of gallery segments to play through so that might be worth your time there really fun believe me.
The Verdict: 7/10 Good
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts is surprisingly a good game with fun shooting galleries, great graphics, fun co-op, and plenty to unlock. But story mode on the other hand is not worth your time, and once you beat all the galleries then your pretty much then, with that said you should rent the game for some good fun with a friend.