Core is not a masterpiece but it passes the time away.

User Rating: 7.5 | C.O.R.E. DS
Core is my first ever first person shooter on the ds, i wanted to try something different from what i usually play so picked this up pretty cheap. I had never heard of it before but im usually easily pleased when it comes to ds games and bought it anyway.

As far as first person shooter goes, the controls are awful! Using the stylus is a big pain BUT once you get used to it its not much of a problem. The story wasn't great but to be honest for the price i paid i didn't expect an amazing story.

This game gets pretty tough in some places but not so tough that you will be stuck for weeks, i would say the difficulty is about right for me( and i suck). Graphics are awful but again its a ds game, i never get my hopes up!

The multiplayer keeps your attention a lot more then the single player, iv played several times with my friends and its pretty fun.

Overall i didn't mind this game, i would never pay more then $10 for it, it deserves a lot more then a 3.5/10 though!