First-Person Shooting Trip back to old-school gaming

User Rating: 9 | C.O.R.E. DS
For me it started 15 years back with Doom II.
15 days ago I ordered myself a copy of C.O.R.E. to check if anything alike fits with my NDS. And I believe that most of the reviews don't give the game justice.

It's nothing revolutionary. Take some from QII or QIII take some from HL and from prev FPSes on NDS, mix it well, add Heavy-Metal soundtrack - you've got it.

It's really great fun to play. Many people complain about moving or aiming - it's not really a problem. Once you adjust the sensitivity and use U'r thumb to look around you can't really have any complaints.

Graphics are more than OK (remember it's DS), sound effects are very well made and music - if you like metal-like guitar riffs, you will like it, if not turn it off nad lose nothing.

It's cool to see that each level looks different from another (specially near the end). You really cannot get bored. I like some of the bosses and oponents. Everything works smoothly, though it's a bit to dark. Finished the game twice and will surely get back to it in three-four months.

Multiplayer is the best! Even if you play 1on1 it's loads of fun. If you got four people on board it's hours of killing guaranteed. Levels look fantastic and are designed specifically for multi. Good job from designers.

To sum up:
+ single player pretty hard - challenge
+ sound effects and music
+ graphics (levels and oponents)
+ multiplayer
+ multiplayer
+ multiplayer

- needs more saving points
- pixeled walls when you get close
- no bots for multi
- no WiFi

It's basically everything that I've expected so a very good game. It's 9 because of the multiplayer, maybe they'll make a WiFi sequel for 8 players??