Another good FPS game but has something bad about it too.

User Rating: 6.5 | C.O.R.E. DS
This game makes a player look at it cool. The game is old school type and almost related to Quake, Doom and Moon. the game is really good.

The game is hard to finish when you started playing because the game is like a maze you only have your weapons and you don't have a minimap to indicate enemies in the area. The enemy will just pop out and shoot you. The combat system is bad though because headshots does not even kill the enemy quickly, only a shotgun will do the job. The surrounding is a bit dark to see at.

The graphics are not that bad as they look. The graphics look more like the game Moon.

The game has music to make the game less intense. Well thats a good thing for people who get shocked fast.

The game is fun and hard at the same time. People will like this game for sure maybe for a while.