A great trivia game with some unique options. Great fun as long as you have someone to play with.

User Rating: 8 | Buzz! The Mega Quiz PS2
A great title that does what it sets out to do; Make a fun trivia game for couple or a group of people.

Lots of questions. There's a good selection of questions to keep you busy for several hours of game-play.

Lots of question styles. Not only are there lots of questions, but the way they ask you them are plentiful as well. Some audio clips, some visual, some are timed, some have answers you have to put in order, some let you throw a pie in a competitors face, and the list goes on! This makes it more than your run of the mill party game.

Controls. What separates this game the most from other digital trivia and game-show style games is the controller. The Buzz! controller is held with 1 hand, is composed of a big red button on top and 4 coloured buttons down the front, and plugs into the USB port on your PS2 4 at a time. So, the controls are simple for anyone to use, and helps with the illusion that you are an actual contestant on a game show. So not only is the game style for large audience, including those that may not regularly play video games, the controls make it easily accessible to that audience.

Up to 8 players. The Buzz! controllers come 4 at a time. Since there's 2 USB ports you can plug in to, you can have up to 8 players at once, making it a great party game.

The script writer for the host did an acceptable job, but he's not overly entertaining.
There's very little single player appeal.
There's a decent selection of players to choose from, but a few more wouldn't have killed the developers.

If you have the Buzz! controllers already, there's no reason I can see not to get this game. If you don't have the Buzz! controllers but want some light-hearted fun with you spouse or a group of friends, this is also a great option.