Best Party Game Of The Decade

User Rating: 8.5 | Buzz! The Mega Quiz PS2
This is the best party of the decade. The questions cover a large range of topics. The rounds are good especially point stealer where you have to guess what the augmented picture is then you get to steal 500 points from another player. The game has a great high score board having awards for, highest multiplayer score, highest single player score, fastest average answer speed, slowest average answer speed, most questions correct and least questions correct.
The idea is played out well with multiple rounds and the ability to plug in a second set of buzzers to play with eight players. Buzz can get annoying with his constant bickering and show boating but it breaks up the action well.
You can pick how long the rounds can go for and there difficulty or make a custom round or input your own questions.
It is not for the kids because the questions even on easy have stuff that the kids wouldn't even be able to comprehend.
The multiplayer is great and deserves the Playstation Logo.