This game was a blast at our family reunion. We stayed up way to late playing each night playing this game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Buzz! The Mega Quiz PS2
At our family reunion, everyone had a bunch of fun playing Buzz: The Mega Quiz. All age groups had a blast playing. We had adults up to 50 years old and kids as young as 10 years old playing. Just doing the setup was fun. The interaction the player have with one another throughout the game made for lots of laughs. The questions are not the most challenging but still fun to answer and I wouldn't say they were all too easy. The game buzzers are easy to use and add to the fun.

A few negatives of the game, it wasn't long before the kids figured out that the fastest answered questions gave them a 25% chance to beat everyone else if they just answered the multiple choice questions right away with random answers. With only four choices, they had a good chance of one of them beating all the adults. This worked against the adults in the mode called Pie Fight where you can pick on the smartest person and knock them out with a pie. Also, the game gives you the option to customize the game modes that you want to play, but only 4 players are allowed when you customize the game, which is a big negative when you have 8 players itching to play.