Fantastic party peice, maybe a bit easy and no fun solo but worth having when you've got friends round!

User Rating: 8.5 | Buzz! Quiz TV PS3
Picture this, got an engagement party coming up, lots of games that only support up to 2 players, family and friends to keep entertained. A problem that I solved when I saw Buzz! Quiz TV. Retailing at £39.99 put me off however you can get a preowned copy for £20.

To start off with, this game is boring on your own. It makes up for it's poor singleplayer when you've got many people to play it. It's fun to play for the entire family. Beware, only 4 buzzers included so expect to buy another set if you want to play with 8 people.

The ability to make your own quiz's in my opinion is over-hyped. I don't see a real need to make an 8 question quiz mostly because I do not feel its incorporated into the game very well.

Graphics: The graphics aren't bad, they are certainly ideal for this type of game.

Dialogue: The voice-overs in this game are perfect! Entertaining characters and sarcastic host(just like in life!). What I especially liked was how all questions get read out.

Storyline: It's a quiz game?

Multiplayer: As i've mentioned this game is fantastic multiplayer. A superb party peice that'll keep everyone happy for quite a long time. The questions are fairly easy which is good for younger participants however expect some not so easy questions too.

Overall: Superb game if you have lots of friends or want a game for the entire family. Although you can enjoy this game on your own the only way to do so is online against 3 other humans.