Not as flashy as 1 vs. 100, but the controllers are cool! It's a good trivia game.

User Rating: 7 | Buzz! Quiz TV PS3
Normally I dislike trivia games, but I had played 1 vs. 100 and thought it was OK so I was willing to give Buzz! a chance. My first impressions were good: It's fun to play, funny, and there are taunts!

Basically, you enter the game (there are a few game modes) select your profile or create one, and then jump into the multiple-choice trivia.

The game modes aren't varied at all, since it all ends up in you answering trivia with the brightly coloured buttons anyway. I generally go for online multiplayer and then (if I'm not thrown into a game right away) I load up the user-created content. There is also a Standard mode (I haven't run into the same question twice yet) and other modes that simply filter the categories and mini-games you're playing.

Creating a profile is fun, but it's got preloaded names! You can't just write your name out and have it appear on-screen, you select it from a list. I have a fairly unusual name and so I went with "Ziggy" in game. My avatar is the villain who ties girls to the train tracks (where does that archetype come from?) and my buzzer noise is a train whistle! There's some neat choices among the male avatars (including a guy who reminds me of The Tick!) but the females are sadly lacking. There's a sexy nurse, a sexy cheerleader, a sexy 80's rocker chick, and an old, old lady. Why does everything female need to be cute or sexy? Anyhoo..

The trivia itself has lots of categories that the loser usually selects, and also mini-games that state how answering a question will affect your score. It basically boils down to "take your time" games and "answer quickly" games. There are some really funny visualizations for some of them, though (Hanging over a vat of goo and hoping not to get dumped is my personal favourite.)

One beef I have with this game is that you NEVER EVER USE THE HUGE RED "BUZZ!" BUTTON. Why put it there on the controller if you're not going to use it? I had to look all over Toronto to find a set of these controllers (because they are required to play the game) and when they weren't even utilized, it drove me up the wall! So disappointing..

The DLC is fairly healthy. I've got the Sci-Fi pack so far and plan to get the Rock Legends pack sometime fairly soon. $6 for 500 questions a pack isn't bad either. You can mix them into the Standard mode of play them by themselves, but playing a set of 500 questions seems to me like a great way to run out of question really quickly. I always mix them in.

IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! (doodle doo dooooo, doodle doo doo doooooo)