Nice graphics, annoying host, questions too easy, real tv show, cool buzzer, lack 2 plyrs online, repetitve...Shelf.

User Rating: 6.5 | Buzz! Quiz TV PS3
As I bought my new ps3 in november, I've seen that game, Buzz quiz tv, laying on the shelf, at high price. Interesting buzzer, which, bring us closer from a game show. Online mode, up to 8 players. Very interesting. Over 5000 questions convince me this could be a champ to feed my need of knowledge. We can play others trivia, very nice. Couldn't resist, I've take the box.

The game is a real trivia show, with the host and the player on a tv studio. The camera move like a show on tv, the crowd is loud. You go through various questions set always with multi-answers choice.

As a french guy, even if I speak not so bad and doesn't loose too much of my skills in english trivia, I was wondering if this could be multilanguage. As it appear as I install, my version doesn't support french. Was a bit sad, as I've seen french screenshots of european version.

You can choose from over 10 different style for your player, and choose between many buzzer sound, which is really nice. The game looks great and the sound is well balance. Each character got their own mimics, which is fun at the beginning, but become painful over time.

Most of the time, the question are easy, rarely hard.Becoming a question of speed more than knowledge. Good addition of photo and song in the questions set, which give a new perspective to the game, but there's simply not enough of those kind.

you can play up to 8 player, and you can compete against each other not online. Very sadly, they haven't include the option to go 2 player simultaneously online...Why? If you often play at the same number of player, you can expect playing the same game over and over, tired of throwing a cream pie to your opponent on a 1 on 1 game again and again each game. Why?? At least trophies give you a certain motivation, the trophies worth their prize. At least...

There's a ranked leaderboard, but it lack a lot of stats. You would like to see more info about your player.

The interaction is weird. There's the host which is really annoying. He's telling you're dumb, stupid, he's insulting you. And he's not stopping, really bad. And too much, cause, after all, there's nothing happening after you win, only have you name on the podium, but always the same finish, different for each character.

Really good graphic, annoying host, questions too easy, as a real tv show, cool buzzer system, doesn't support 2 players online, repetive mimics and game style, good trophie system. A game you play once in a while, with 4 players or more, other than that
the game should stays on the shelf.

Let's wait for trivial pursuit.