Buzz has some nice features but gets really repetative on all modes.

User Rating: 6.5 | Buzz! Quiz TV PS3
BUZZ! Quiz TV is really a multiplayer quiz game but can be played single player, it hosts a range of 5000 questions and has the ability to download user made questions, make your own questions and download quiz packs from the PSN store as well as play people online in sofa vs sofa, you do all this with the new wireless buzzers that come in packs of 4 which are needed to play the game.

The first thing to say about this game is that it does not work single player, it is obviouse a quiz game should be played with friends or accross the internet but I was left disappointed with how little effort they put into the single player mode. The multiplayer has some exciting rounds like pass the bomb and throw the pie, but single player only has stop the clock and seeing as one of the trophies for this game is play 50 single player games, can leave you feeling very bored.

The multiplayer isn't too bad but again after a certain amount of time, it gets very boring and repetative very fast. The rounds are alittle different which is okay but the fact that Buzz says the same comments and the rounds are in the same order. It needs mixing up alot more.

Sofa vs Sofa online play is really the best mode to play in. Its competative and the rounds are alittle different, its a nice addition.

Other good additions to the game is the fact you can login in with your PSN ID to the MyBuzz website and create your own quiz which will go straight online for other users to play if you so choose, this mode also supports a nice trophie of making 20 of them, which is a nice way to bring trophies outside the box of just gaming. Other than this, the game is deffinatly a party game and not for single player, the fact the game requires the buzzers to play is also a let down, how hard can it be to make it playable just using the ps3 controller anyway? It seems like they are out for your money there.

In all the game is nice, graphics are good, but unless you're playing online or with user made quizes, it gets very boring, very fast.