Next Gen Buzz

User Rating: 8 | Buzz! Quiz TV PS3
Got this as a late birthday present, was hoping for it in April go it early July..

First thing that you'll notice is the wireless controllers, these are similar to the original wired versions. Come with regular AA batteries and work very well. nice touch that the game also comes with a little red bag for storing the controllers in when not been used. Don't forget to switch the controllers to "locked" so they don't discharge.

Game itself is very similar to previous versions, although i was surprised that the game is still quite crude in terms of remembering user information. So it gets quite old inputing your username every-time you play the game. This is a only a gripe but it should have been addressed. Nor are their that many characters in the game but I suspect we'll see them appearing as "add-ons' on the PSN soon for a small fee .

Other then that.. amazing selection of questions.. I downloaded UK culture and Sci-FI a couple of hours and i have to admit that I'm impressed. Just wish they would take a few of the rough edges out.

Online elements are quite fun.. I was hoping to play multiple players in sofa vs sofa mode but I love it all the same.

Great party/family game to enjoy for all ages.