It's a fun party game to play with your friends!

User Rating: 7.5 | Buzz! Quiz TV PS3
What up, my dudes! This here's my review of Buzz...

First off, I was a bit skeptical about picking this game up. If you've read my past reviews, you know I'm more in to RPG's and sports games, so picking this game up was strictly by chance. My buddy is visiting and he gets the itch to go out and buy a basketball game... So we go out and visit the local Best Buy store, picking up this basketball game (NBA 2K 10)... As I'm walking through the isle of games, I noticed this BUZZ game in a box. I picked it up, read the description, and since it is Christmas time, I thought it would make a good present for my sister and her husband. I took the game home and couldn't resist opening it up and playing, which I did... that's why I'm here writing this review...

The game is actually pretty cool, visually, and the questions are rather challenging. There are questions on sports, music, gizmos and gadgets, movies, TV shows, etc... There are about five or six rounds where you can play up to 8 people. The first round is where you rack up your points by answering questions at your own pace, but still with a time limit of a minute (I think...).
The questions get a little more difficult as the game progresses.

The second round is about who answers the quickest. You still have a time limit, but your score is higher, the faster you answer the question.

The third round is about stealing points from your opponents. If you're the first to answer the question correctly, you get the chance to steal points from your opponent.

The fourth round is about taking your opponents out of the game by having a cream pie thrown at them. Whenever you're the first to answer a question correctly, you gain control of the cream pie. A target scope will appear on the faces of your opponents, and you have to press your "BUZZ" button on your Buzz Controller when you see the scope on the opponent's face that you want to take out. When a player gets two pies thrown at him/her, he/she is eliminated and cannot answer any more questions, he/she will be unable to score any points.

The fifth round is about High Stakes wagering. You have to wager points before you answer the question. The game will give you the topic on the question, but you never know what the question might be.

The final round is about time. You're stand up on a pedestal that elevates each player by total points scored. Whenever you answer a question incorrectly, your pedestal lowers to the ground until you are eliminated. The last one standing wins it all.

You can also play against other people online, but you only have three rounds and only one (1) player can play per PlayStation 3.

The game is actually a lot of fun, but only when playing with some good kush and a bunch of friends. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good smoke and has friends coming over all the time to hang out.

The thing is, we can only play it twice or three times at the most... it loses its appeal after two games. But with that said, we play it almost every day and ALWAYS play when people come over.

Good game, go out and get it!