Depending on your view this is the most brilliant or idiotic fighting game ever made.

User Rating: 8.5 | Bushido Blade 2 PS
Bushido Blade took what we knew of fighting games and turned it on it's ear. The game was made in a time where every game was fighting not to be a street fighter clone. Tekken hadn't gotten universal props yet, no one had even heard of soul edge, and battle arena toshinden had already begun to make several horrific sequels. Enter: Bushido Blade and it's follow up Bushido Blade 2. This fighting game appealed to everyone who watched samurai movies as a kid or even those horrible american-made ninja movies of the 80's.

The gameplay mechanic was simple. Hit an arm, and the enemy can't use it. Hit the head or chest and your opponent is down, done, kaput. A lot of people hated this notion. I love it! I can't tell you how many times I sent screaming opponents running out of my living room in furious frustration.

The game was innovative to a fault. So much that is was widely misunderstood. But spend some time with it, get to know all the unlockable characters and the impressive story mode. You'll see why this is a cult classic.