User Rating: 9 | Burnout GC
INTRODUCTION this is gamecubes first crashing racing game CARS super mini:easy sports coupe:medium saloon:medium *roadster:medium muscle:hard(mostly recomended) pickup:hard *saloon GT:hard *tow truck:special(easy) *bus:special(medium) TRACKS interstate Harbor town river city hillside pass twilight harbor(harbor town backwords) gridlock USA euro marathon(river city backwards,harbor town rush hour(interstate backwards) euro marathon ex(river city and harbor town backwards) cliff hanger(hillside pass backwards) midnight run(river city backwards) night shift(gridlock USA backwards) country chaos(hillside pass backwards) sunset river(river city backwards) USA marathon(gridlock USA backwards,interstate,hillside pass) USA marathon ex(gridlock USA,interstate backwards,hillside pass backwards) FEATURES .8 new cars .18 new tracks .chapionship mode .survival .head to head .face off 1,2,3,4 .free run .free run twin .credits .single race .time attack .2 players PLAYABILITY you can this game until you beat it. CONCLUSION this is a boring version and hard to beat