really fun game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Burnout (Classics) XBOX
this game is really is easy to complete but its fun it has a few sound glitches but it doesnt matter......the game isnt a game you show of to friends but its a good family has lots of arcade racing action....and it has wrecks......i really like wrecks......the wrecks can be annoying....because its easy to wreck but it doesnt matter....wrecks are fun to watch for a does make you watch the wrecks 3 times that gets boreing but its still a fun game for racing has awesome grafics for 2002 and it has very few visual glitches....theres some cool cars you can get from winning face a tow truck a roadster a car idk about and a bus.....weird cars but they are fun to drive.....this game also has awesome music.......some of the music is rocky some is soft.....this is the end of my review.