User Rating: 8.5 | Burnout GC
Burnout is a racing game from the years of pre 2004. Sorry I can;t be bothered ti find the real date. Anyway, it's like any other racing game of the era. Except for one little tiny detail. THE CRASHES! Which I would like to say are completely awesome. Seriously, after my first crash (at the age of about 13) all I wanted was more! I used to have mini competitions to see how big a budget I could get on crashses, the biggest being $312000 (or £156000 considering the pound is raping the dolar, sorry I'll get on with the review).

Burnout races in themselves are in a word immense. In every way. Map sizes are all huge, trafic is huge, difficulty well hard really. At times you seem to be driving into 4 lanes of on comming motorway traphic at 100mph+. The effect is a bit unnerving, especially if your really competitive like me. But as soon as you hit a car and go flying, you get a sick sense awesomeness and manliness as your car is flung into a spiral into the car behind that one and all the damage piles up pretty nicely. I won't say realisticly as 10 out of 10 times your car will not break into 2 pieces. Maybe we can get some of that please!

As for controls, these are great. All of them responsive and alert. And no matter how much torture you throw it never slows down. The system feels like it's just sitting there going "is that all you've got?" And as for the multi, this is real great fun. Most of the time you will just ignore the race and see how much you can get riled up in cash, which is just great fun, along with the best possible crash. My personal favourite was where Mounted a truck in a roadster.

Admitidaley though the biggest point is the boost feature, trying to fill this up with risks is no easy task. You will have to drive down many miles of motorway and past very many cars in order to fill your boost, then controlling it is a bit of a mission. Although once you've got the basics of the game, you will find it hard to drop. I have 2 other racing games a home. F zero and mario kart. If I ever want imediate fun, this will be the one I choose.

Now I would like to say a quick thing about the newer games of burnout. They seem to have lost this burnouts focus and eyed in on just crashes. Theres nothing wrong with that, it's just, why? I would've personally tried to keep it more like this save for faster and harder. Oh well I guess thats what happens when you become EAs gimp these days. Take one point and focus it so hard you convince every one it's great. Great.