Good game, but with Dominator and all the others why would you get this one?

User Rating: 8 | Burnout GC
This game is great, it has cool crashes, and that should be enough to get you to buy it.

Burnout is a game that has no real story at all, the graphics are top notch by gamecube standards, and the AI is good.

One of the main things you probably heard about Burnout are the crashes. They are spectacular when you hit a car, or you smash into a guard rail and fly off a ledge, doing flips, but it has some issues. If you rub up against something, going pretty fast (80+ mph) you will crash, and all the crashes do is hit the brakes and slide down the road, those suck.

Another problem is that there are almost no cars in the game. There are (i think) 7 cars total, not that much at all by racing game standards. There are only a few modes and only 4 tracks, but the game reverses them, and puts in different cars, and calls them different, but they really are the same.

Even though most of the stuff in this review was bad, Burnout still is a great game, that you can probably get for 5$ at a pawn shop.