An average game with strong points but leaves you wondering, is it worth playing?

User Rating: 7.5 | Burnout GC
Burnout does what it says on the box, offers good solid arcade racing with decent graphics at a reasonable price. By no means how ever is the game amazing in any its just average, thats all, nothing more and nothing less, average.

The game handles quite well, steering is tough but workable so like evrything else in the game its average, nothing particulary special. The graphics are good but in this day and age GC graphics are not that important compared to 360 graphics.

The music is poor by any extent but you can barely hear it anyway, also the few yet intersting unlockables make this game like an exteded arcade racer with little soul. It really dosn't to me deliver shear speed or anything like that, it actually is better at offering a relaxing cruise down the highway in a pickup or bus or what ever,

There arn't many vehicles to unlock but all vehicles are well graphiced and the courses are very repeditive with some just the reverse of others but the shear number of these long courses makes it more than acceptible.

All in all if you want a cheap racer this game will satisfy you're needs but it won't do anything more.