Not exactly an essential purchase, but worth a weekend rental.

User Rating: 6.5 | Burnout (Platinum) PS2
For an early PS2 title, this isn't half bad, but for a game itself it's pretty drab. Just like any Burnout game, you compete in races and ram your opponents off the road. You don't just race in any old car though, you get to choose between 5 cars, (all the others are locked) mini, sports, saloon, muscle and pickup. Then you choose what grand prix you want to race in, and the you work your way through 3 levels before you unlock the next grand prix. It may sound easy, but believe me, it's BRUTAL. The cars are all stiff and unresponsive, funny thing is it never happens to the other players, only you.

Also, the graphics are really behind, even for 2001 it's pretty poor, almost everything is blurry, the textures are cheap and rugged and the environments are just terrible. You won't be going fast that much because unless you like being crushed between 2 buses and a lorry you will HAVE to go slow. There are a few good qualities like going through the levels, there are a handful of them and replay value is pretty decent. Even though you go slow most of the time, when you DO go fast it is a blast, speeding past taxis and swerving through traffic, you can never have enough of this.

With bad graphics, controls and sense of speed, the game is quite a struggle to recommend but get past these issues and you have a decent enough game to play through weekends, rent it first before considering a purchase.