Overall an ok game but it aint great ........

User Rating: 7.3 | Burnout (Platinum) PS2
This game is the first of the burnout series , the biggest problem is that it gets boring after a while , but after all it is a pretty old game .

The graphics where suprizingly good for a game of that age . Probally had the best graphics when it 1st came out .

Theres not much to the gameplay at all , there a few ok tracks to race on but thats all i can say really .

The sound is definatly the best part of the game . There are great records to listen to and the records just gives u the thrill and the urge to go faster and faster........... untill u crash. But they are great .

I put value as a 10/10 because u can now pick up the game 4 really cheap !

i would say to rent this game 1st before buying it for many reasons .