This is the BEST racing title you will ever take of the store shelf!!!

User Rating: 10 | Burnout Revenge XBOX
Whoever said 4th times the charm? I did! This is game is really really unique. I never thought Burnout would finally come to this. Racing and crashing!?! Now thats a great mix! So whenever you get mad at the game you just turbo and WHAM! hit the guy off the track! Its soooo fun. There is a great variety of cars to choose from. There are plenty of levels to keep you occupied for quite awhile. Within the levels you have a few different modes. There is Crash, where you pretty much just...crash. There are regular races where you race to the finish. There is also a crash breaker race, the funnest race yet. Play and figure out why. You get ranks in this game. I dont know how high it goes...yet...but they go high. The higher the rank, the cooler you are. Well, this game is, know bout adoubt it, worth getting!