Burnout Revenge is better than Burnout 3 in some areas but worse in others.

User Rating: 9 | Burnout Revenge PS2
Burnout Revenge has a more darker look to it compared to last years Burnout. The gameplay has not really improved a whole lot like the difference between Burnout 2 to 3. There are some new features which are great. The most obvious is checking traffic. I'm not sure whether this was a good idea or not. It makes sense that you should be able to if you can hit into your rivals, since there both going the same way. This does make the game easier but you can't check oncoming or large vehicles. This traffic checking makes a new mode were you need to check as many traffic before the time runs out, this is decent. The controls themselves are nearly identical to last years but it was practically perfect anyway so there’s no need to change. I think it is a bit smoother than before. You can now do vertical takedowns which are great but fairly hard to pull of. The takedowns overall seem to be easier to do so there's not as much battling. Road rage, racers and eliminators are back plus crash breaker eliminator and racers. So if you crash you can use the crash breaker to explode other rivals nearby. The track design has improved with short cuts and ramps which makes things more exciting. The Revenge takedowns were already in Burnout 3 made more of a feature.

The crash mode is probably the biggest improvement. Criterion have got rid of the crash multipliers and so on. To start you need to hit these sweet spots on a bar. If you get perfect then you obviously get a perfect start. But if you stall or blow your engine if you miss the sweet spot. This got some getting used to but I think its better overall. There are now usually ramps to go up. And when you crash into a car you have to wait to get 100% when lots more cars have crashed. Then you get the crash breaker to blow them up to get a high score.

The graphics I would say are technology superior to last year although the loading times seem a little longer. There is one glitch in the game which has happened a few times where you drop through the floor which is annoying. This is not much of a problem though. One of the biggest things that is missing in Revenge is the Single Event Mode. I don't know why they removed this but it pretty stupid anyway. The music is far better than before. You don't get all that punk rock stuff. The music is more varied and suits the action. The sounds are about the same as last year.

Revenge will last around the same as Burnout 3 and has a similar amount of cars and events. Although it has about half the amount of crash events than Burnout 3, I thought 100 was too many anyway. You should get a good 30+ hours out of this and there’s multiplayer and online. I would not say it was out right better than Burnout 3 since how revolutionary it was. But this does make improvements as well as some things not been as good like the single event is missing. I would recommend this game to any racing fan.