I shouldn't be talking. If you don't go out and get this game, you're stupid!!

User Rating: 9.3 | Burnout Revenge XBOX
That's all I gotta say! After renting this the game it came out, I nearly died from the fun. It's just that good. Okay whatever. Starting off, the effects and overall look improved over B3 in a few ways pulled off great...Smash reers, darker look, offroad, explode in races, all put together perfectly. The difficulty levels were slightly uneven here and there, but who cares. The game is just soo damn fun that that takes care of all that. I'm too lazy to write. Just watch some footage and it plays as good as it looks (hella good). Hidios. achneuiwpavnepachcud;acenpwiocudhsnauicodep;iacnewahcnueipaceuiwajvcireowcijeopcjewopcuj43wqcewamniucoepwuaqchjneudwcnudejwafeiwjfedoisajieopafhje3fheusafehwniafo(just to make the review minimum)