Could this be the racing GOTY 2008? For me, it sure does look like it.

User Rating: 9.5 | Burnout Paradise PS3
This is pretty much the first racing game I have got in 2008, Burnout Paradise. I have been waiting for ages with this game, ever since it was announced in early 2007. All of these features made me so excited to get this game. Once I downloaded the demo, I was really glued to it. Then just today, The full game comes out. And here is my review of it.

This is nearly the perfect game for me. ALOT of cars to unlock, (I mean alot: 75 cars!!) insane racing speeds and car crashing madness! It is really is a superb game. Cars feel so fun to drive, and crash. They are just so agile and nimble. Boost your way though the city is just sheer awesomeness.

Oh yeah, the city. Paradise they call it, and it is. They have places for all kind of drivers. From the city lights and crowed streets of downtown to the twisty and sloping streets of white mountain. It really is the ultimate driving zone. There are just so many positives about the game, I struggled to find drawbacks for it.

Well, I did. The soundtrack is a major downfall from the Predecessors. It doesn't seem to be a soundtrack that you'll remember. Atomica is decent to say the least. other probs: the handbrake is a bit too sensitive. a tap on the button and you'll find yourself in a 180 spin.

But the thing is, those negatives don't even matter when you are having alot of fun playing the game. There are tons of events to complete and showtime events, which is like crash, but a whole lot more fun. Got a spare £40, this is a must buy.