Welcome to Paradise City!

User Rating: 9 | Burnout Paradise PS3
Finally the first Burnout game on the PS3 and the first real next gen burnout on next gen consoles are finally here. Even thou Revenge was an amazing game. This one just got better with one big huge city for you to play in.

First you start off at a junk yard they give you a nice trashed muscle car to start with and you have about 200+ events that you can start off at any traffic light within the city by pressing R2+L2. You have about 5 different types of events to choose from in the game. The 5 different types are races, road rage, marked man, stunt run, and burning route.

Races are basically racing with other AIs and whoever gets to the finish line first wins. There's no arrows to help you like in the previous burnout so you'll have to figure out which is your best path to get to the finish line before the AI. I wouldn't suggest following to AI either if you planning to win the race. Road rage is basically takedown if you're a fan of the series you'll know what you'll have to do if you're new than what I mean by takedown is you'll have a time limited to takedown as many cars off the road as you can between the time frame that you're given. Marked man is getting from point A from point B without getting your car totaled in the process. Stunt Run is driving around the city doing U turns, jumps, taking down signs and boosting within the time frame for points. Last but not least is burning route which is an event that you'll need a specific car to do this route within it's time frame to win.

Another Mode that's in this game that made the previous Burnout games so great is crash mode which has now between changed to Showtime. You can start this mode of any time within the game once you crash with another car. You simply just have to press L1+R1 to start it and as long as you keep hitting cars you'll get boost and you can continue getting points until you run out of boost. This is one of my favorite modes in the game right after takedown.

There are 3 different types of cars they are broken down by Speed, Stunt, and Aggression. Out of all my favorite of all 3 types of cars are Aggression because you get the best of all 3 speed and strong car to takedown other cars. You also have the easy jump in online multiplayer by simply press the right d-pad on the dualshock3 oh and yes it does support rumble. So the online mode is seamless with the single player campaign mode.

The graphics in this game look just jaw dropping beautiful. Paradise City has some really nice settings and if you've played the previous Burnout you'll notice some similarities in some parts of the city with other burnout cities. It's like one big World of the previous burnout cities. The sound in the game is just as amazing as the graphics.

This has to be the best Burnout I've play so far. I've been a fan of the burnout series for a while the only complain I have with this game is the races not having those helpful arrows but the more you drive around the city the better you get at driving in those races.