burnout paradise best race game I ever played

User Rating: 9.5 | Burnout Paradise PS3
Burnout paradise rulez., its one of the few game that real can be called a next gen race game. The graphics are beautiful and the cars are very realistic. The city looks very nice and very big its like your in a smaller version of a GTA city. You begin as a lower class driver. How further you get in the game the more cars and respect you get. Like in all the burnout games you have a couple of different races. You have the road race(takedown), the survive races were you have to get to the point on the map without crashing and also the time races and the ordinary races. In the races you are free to take any road you want to the finish. This can sometimes be annoying because you have to watch the road and the map( our the compass at the top of your screen) at the same time. In the races you also can use car repairs and boost refills. Wean you unlock a car in a race, the car will drive through the city and if you pass it in the city you have to take it down. I didn't yet tray the online mode but I heard it is great. this game is almost prefect that is way I give it a 9,5