Burnout Paradise might not be the perfect racing game,but It offers a really good racing expierience

User Rating: 8.5 | Burnout Paradise X360
Burnout Paradise takes place in Paradise City.A huge city where you can explore any time you want.You start off with only one car and you can immediately explore the city.

Exploring the city means: Finding shortcuts,jumps and smashing billboards.There are a lot of them throughout the city so It will take a lot of time to complete this part of the game.You can find different kinds of shops you have to find too but the first thing you have to do before exploring the city is to get your car fixed.You can see your car collection at the junkyards throughout the city.When you get a car for the first time,you have to fix it because It is smashed...(junkyard).

You can fix your car at one of the (many) repair shops in Paradise City.Of course,you have to find them first.There are four kinds of different shops that can help you: The Repair Shop:where you can repair your cars there,The Paint Shop: Where you can instantly change the paint of your car, The Gas Station: where you can refill your boost and the Junkyard where every car you gain,you can find it there.

In Burnout Paradise there are events scattered all over the city.Win one event to gain one mark for your Driving Licence.The goal is to upgrade your licence to the maximum level.There are a lot of different events: Race: You have to get to the finish line first.You can use any road you like to get to the finish line but you have to finish first to take a mark on your drivers licence.The difficulty of the game is changing according to the player's position.When you are first, the opponents are faster and drive really good,but when you are not,they drive slower and smash to random vehicles.To see where the finish line is,you can: look it from the mini map or just let the compass at the top of the screen guide you through the different streets you take,it flashes and helps you reach the finish line.You can use the whole city during all the events.But after you win more events,you get faster cars and you will have to get used to the roads and find shortcuts to win....Or you can take down the opponents(smash the at walls and vehicles) like in the previous burnout titles. Another event is the Road Rage: The goal is to get as many take downs as possible within a time limit to reach the target score.The event stops when your time runs out or when your car gets totally destroyed. Stunt Run : the goal of this event is to reach the target score by doing tricks,like: Big jumps,hitting billboards,barrel rolls and more. Marked man: You have to reach the desired destination without getting your car totaled,There are four other cas hunting you and trying to take you down.The only way to survive is to take them out and keep going through shortcuts because they don't come after you there. The last event is a burning route: To access the event you have to drive the cars the events is asking and goal is to get to a certain destination before the time runs out.Winning a Burning Route not only gives you a mark but a special edition of the car you won the event.

The only way to gain cars,is from Burning routs,By upgrading your Driver's Licence and by winning events it warns you that a certain car is out at the city.If you find It and smash It, It is yours and you can get It from the junkyard.You don't have money in the game so these are the only ways to get new cars.Every car has It's own statistics like : top speed,boost and strength(how much your car is affected by your opponents hits).The cars have different boost types too.During an event,You can pass through the shops too.This is a good thing because during a Marked Man Event if you find yourself in trouble having your car almost destroyed,you can pass through a Repair shop and get It fixed,or During a Race when you boost is all over,you can pass through a Gas Station and refill your boost.Passing through a Gas Station is not the only way to refill your boost like driving dangerously(near incoming cars,jumping from Rumps,etc).

The things that i seriously did not like were that the game didn't had a restart option.When you would lose an Event and you wanted to try again,you had to drive to the start of the event again.You didn't have the option of going to an event instantly and if the event was at the other side of the city you had to drive there and that made the game somewhat repetitive,To abort an event,you had to stop moving for some seconds,the freaking DJ talking all the time and getting on your nerves,the mini map was almost useless because there were a lot of roads to try and distinguish the one you want to go(There should have been a zoom option).If you don't have a problem with these,then you have to get the game.The game has an incredible and satisfying feeling of speed.It is really easy to get use to the game-play but as you get faster cars,you will need some skill,a lot of reflexes(to avoid random vehicles) and a lot of luck.

Overall,the game will not disappoint the Burnout fans and will certainly not disappoint the ones who are new to the series.