To anyone who wants to kill time driving in high speeds in a huge world

User Rating: 8 | Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box PC

Awesome game. I really appreciate skill based rally, where you have different types of vehicles, first motorbikes and cars, then cars: sports, aggressive, fast. There are many challenges, first you can ride free style through town and beat other online players records, then rallies: eliminating opponents, being chased, rally, drifting or flying competition with boosts. Especially you can find short cuts, bridges, billboards. It is all for cars, when played on motorbike, you can ride on the back wheel and it gives you different rallies.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to kill time driving in high speeds in a huge world, but the game itself is repetitive, everything is open to you, only cars and motorbikes unlock as you are winning more competitions. No storyline, this is basically just playing like sandbox, you are earning better driving licence, you use boosts in the cars which can be refilled in certain points, repainting cars, motorbikes can be designed to your liking but cars only in certain points.

Also, knowledge of map is more important as you will have to navigate yourself alone, no pointers, just one icon of the finish line in the distance.

Game is very easy at the start, later on it is based on the skill and the type of a car that suits you best.

I finished this game, super awesome feeling. To win the game, you need to win 91 competitions.

What story? Unaspiring. 2/5 ☑

Gameplay? Great. 5/5 ☑

Replayability? No end. 5/5 ☑

Graphics Good. 4/5 ☑

Hardware requirements? Low range. ☑

How difficult? Normal. ☑

How long? 20-49 hours. ☑