This is hands down the best racer on the PSP and perhaps one of the best PSP games of all time.

User Rating: 9.5 | Burnout Legends PSP
Burnout Legends is a high speed arcade style racer that is all about crashing and boost. The game rewards you with boost for driving dangerously. Some examples would be weaving through traffic, drifting, wrecking your opponents, and driving in oncoming traffic. Performing these will begin to fill your boost meter and by holding down the R button to will activate your boost nitro. The graphics and crash models are great and there are plenty of different game modes! These modes include race, time attack, road rage, pursuit, face off, legend face off, eliminator, burning lap, and grand prix. This game offers single event and world tour mode. The world tour mode has 175 events. This will keep you busy for quite a while, probably at least 15 hours. On top of that there is crash mode which is basically a specifically crafted situation where you must wreck your car and cause as much damage as possible. This game does not feature online multiplayer which is sort of disappointing. The ad hoc is fun and the game sharing allows you to challenge anyone with a PSP system. Another perk is that the game is only $20 new so you are getting more than your moneys worth. In the end Burnout Legends is one of the best racing games of all time and anyone with a PSP should definitely pick it up.