If you love explosions, destruction, and racing. Criterion has a game made for you!

User Rating: 9.3 | Burnout Legends PSP
The Burnout series has always been a favorite game of mine. A real adreneline rush and a fast racing game. So when I heard about this game I was like "Awesome! If they pull this right it could be one of the best PSP game to date!" And I wasnt wrong. Although the loading times are lengthy compared to the consoles, they really managed to put the destruction into the palm of your hand. And if you know the series, you really just race for the speed and the crashes. The crashes, are less detailed (obviously) than the other games but they still pack a punch for a portable game. The single player is lengthy and complete. And the crash mode is pretty much all the crashes without the races. But I will keep this review short and to the point, so I will make a list of the good and bad for the skimmers.

+ Good Graphics
+ Long Game
+ Good Transfer From Console to Handheld

- Loading times are a bit long
- PSP Battery drains pretty fast on this game making it a little short when on trips.

Overall this game is worth your money and if you are thinking about buying it then go ahead. It is worth it for this near-perfect portable port.