User Rating: 2.5 | Burnout Legends DS
I love Burnout. I love my Nintendo DS. I don't love games where there is no skill to winning the game. This is one of them. In Burnout DS, your opponents, instead of being ruthless on the track, trying to destroy your car at any cost, just follow a simple line pattern, one after the other & go around the track. They stay just far enough behind to seem like a challenge & only go far enough ahead so you can easily catch back up... basically...

THERE IS NO AI!!! Period, everything is on preset patterns. This is miserable junk. I refuse to even right a review on the graphics or sound more than I have on forums. This is like Big Rigs (if you have seen this game review, you know what I mean, if not, go read it & see what I mean) just it has much better graphics. Thank you EA, you have finally made a game so utterly repulsive, that I am RETURNING a DS game. Even Marvel Nemesis didn't do that to me.

In conclussion, EA needs to take this graphics engine and make a game where cars have different stats & there is an AI. This is garbage, plain & simple. (Look for this game to be reviewed by Alex Navarro)