Impressed by the faithfulness with which it was converted for the PSP, without significant changes.

User Rating: 8 | Burnout Legends PSP
Checking the library and PSP games, you may notice that racing games have been the most numerous and one of the most sought after by consumers, with manufacturers launching their traditional franchises, as is the case for "Ridge Racers" by Namco "Need for Speed Underground by Electronic Arts and" Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition "from Rockstar Games.

Criterion Software, which belongs to Electronic Arts, also embarked on that wave and brought a kind of "best moments" from the series "Burnout" for Sony's portable. And this is one of the first evidence of a generation of games that best exploits the capability of the PSP, with a result very close to the versions for consoles table.

The basis of "Burnout Legends" is "Burnout 3: Takedown," released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.Mas adds some elements from previous games, like tips of the first and second game, but a way of persecution, in which the player controls a police car and tries to destroy the opponent hitting his vehicle into his, as in the traditional arcade game "Chase HQ" by Taito.
The first surprise comes in the early races, with a great sense of speed, even running with the slower cars in the game. And the frame rate is incredibly high, resulting in a flow screen "soft". Does not reach 60 frames per second version for consoles, but is very close. Another important point is that almost no crashes, with a frame rate that is stable in much of the time.

Of course we made some concessions in order to maintain this quality throughout. The number of contestants was reduced from six to four, and there is less traffic on the streets. Cars deform less in accidents, especially the ordinary vehicles, on the streets. Even so, your machine and the opponents are numerous patterns of destruction.
If "Gran Turismo" focuses on the simulation side of racing game "Burnout" follows a completely different way, trying to be as radical as possible. That means racing with insane speeds, through traffic in large cities, and anything goes to win the competition. The controls are more difficult and the cars skid more curves, but even so, it is possible to drive almost the entire route using nitro.
Speaking of nitro, it is accumulated by doing stunts, and go against the hand that grazed in passing cars, jumping etc. vain.
But, as in "Burnout 3", the best way to get the nitro is doing "takedowns" on opponents, ie, causing them to roll over to crash into walls or other cars. By doing so, the nitro bar grows in size, getting up to four times greater. But that is a little harder to get this version.

Another function that has come directly from the third edition are evidence of beating. In all, 100 scenarios in which the goal is to achieve the highest possible accident. The challenge is to hit another vehicle and cause a pileup effect. Here the function Impact Team has greater utility. It's possible, after overturning, let time slow down and control the flight of his car. After achieving a certain number of collisions, your car can blow up cars and try to get more involved in the accident. The method is still fairly entertaining, despite a decrease in the number cars on the screen. Here also some crashes occur more serious, but do not influence control.

The running events are divided into five categories of cars. It begins with compact models to the super machines, passing cars and sports coupe. Of course the speed and difficulty become increasingly high. The rules of evidence include single race, record time, challenge (a race-against-one), Road Rage (necessary to make a number of "takedowns"), Eliminator (placed last in each round goes to space) and Grand Prix . Coming from "Burnout 2", there are stages of "Pursuit", whose goal is to stop the opponent using the techniques to make the "takedowns".
Some of the problems of "Burnout Legends" arising out of your small screen. While it is well defined, it is difficult to observe the location of cars, even the scenery is fairly detailed. Over time, the player will be able to divert traffic watching the torch of the cars, which are a little clearer. Another problem is where to go see the runway. The solution is to practice hard and try to decorate the circuits.

Speaking of clues, the Airport Terminal, coming of "Burnout 2" fell very well in mechanical insane "Legends." But the same can not be said of Harbour Town, the original version first. She is far more rigorous than the other circuits, but his biggest problem is that does not match the current system. Moreover, the visual track is noticeably lower than for other scenarios.

The multiplayer mode, only in the local network, brings more fun to the title. Many of the tests are more fun as the number of connected devices, six at most. Whether simple or Road Rage races, there will be a festival of bumper cars and flying in all directions. The interesting thing is that you can connect multiple modalities and compete for points.

Some arrangements are only for two players, the challenges, which allows getting more collector cars, Double Impact, which is simply the way hit with two users, or persecution, similar to the single player mode.
One of the most striking aspects of "Burnout Legends" is that the look is very similar to desktop consoles, especially the backgrounds. The cars also feature bright and well-defined textures. Naturally, the deformations were less varied, but nonetheless surprising. And the screen flow is also nearly equal to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Occasionally appear some errors, such as cars and parts that will add that are shaking the ground, causing weirdness.

The sound remains true to the larger versions, with well-defined sounds of strikes, the roar of engines and the singing of the tires. As always, unknown bands and some famous were in charge of the soundtrack. In total there are 21 tracks with a lot of guitars Junkie XL or Pennywise, for example.

"Burnout Legends" impressed by the faithfulness with which it was converted for the PSP, without significant changes in the mechanics of the title as it is based: "Burnout 3: Takedown." And the organization of the evidence combines completely with the casual way of playing a portable, allowing it to hold some matches with a bit of time. With 175 trials and a very fun multiplayer mode, this is one of the titles almost mandatory for anyone who likes racing insane.