User Rating: 10 | Burnout Legends PSP
Burnout Legends is part racing game,part destroy-every-car-in-your-way game.The graphics are sweet,and the gameplay is nothing short of pure awesome.There are races,pursuits where you play as the cop and take down a criminal,road rage,where you takeout selected cars,and crashbreaker,which is where you get money by making cool crashes,and after a certain amount of cars crash,you get to blow up your car.The challenges get harder and harder as you progress through the tour,which keeps it interesting.You can also do single events,where you choose which event you want to do,and it puts them in a list.The only negative thing I can say about this game is whenever you crash into a semi truck carrying something,it will fall off,and almost immediately disappear.This,however is only a minor glitch,and it shouldn't bother very many people who play this.Overall,the game is very creative and there's rarely a dull moment.The places where it excels greatly overpowers the places where it fails.