The burnout series has another hit

User Rating: 9.5 | Burnout Legends PSP
I really don't have much to type about this game, it's fun, addicting, and a great add to the wonderful racing series known as burnout. I have always thought that burnout was the best racing game series and this game helps back anyone up who agrees. I believe that this game is great for anyone looking for a very good and easy to understand racing game. From slamming your opponent into a wall or car it's just one big car destroying game. The regular race modes are fun and can truly show what someone's true skill is, maybe a master of destruction or speed. Being good at this game isn't hard, but mastering it is a challenge. The amazing feeling of speed in this game helps add to burnout's very fast type of racing game. The many types of cars there are is great, and the balancing of how this game works makes it so that the fastest car doesn't always win. This is a little late, but that's just how long I have been playing this game.

It gets this rating because of the fact that it is on a handheld system, the psp has always amazed me and this is just another one added to the pile of amazement.

The radio in this game is awesome and the ability to customize the stations you hear is always fun and adds tons of innovativeness to the game.

Based on replay, this games modes are always fun and will have you always trying to beat your highest score or your best time. This was worth the amount a few years ago, and now that it is less it's worth it just that much more