Stop! Turn! Take a look around. All that crashing sound. Let 'em bring you in. Heh.

User Rating: 7.5 | Burnout Dominator PSP
I wouldn't say that Burnout Dominator contains more of the same even though it basically is but having played through Burnout: Legends I could say that Dominator is a big improvement, more importantly on the gameplay aspect. But there are some underwhelming experiences though. More on it later.

Aside from being visually nicer than Legends, Dominator has made small but significant changes. Aftertouch Takedowns are much easier to perform right now. Pressing R(default) while crashing will enable you to steer your car just a little bit to take incoming opponent/s down with you. And what's nice and convenient about this is the camera this time 'round will automatically switch to looking behind so that you'll know where/when to take someone down with you. If you miss, then you can just activate crash breaker, exploding your car and taking down multiple cars in a wide blast radius. It sounds like overkill but if you miss crashbreaker, you'd lose all your boost which fairly balance it out.

And speaking of boost, it's way better around. Unlike in Legends where you just boost your way around, in Dominator there are two types of boost and each has its advantage and disadvantage. One is the normal boost while the other is supercharge. Supercharge is the faster of the two but is riskier. I wouldn't care to elaborate its uses further because I'm just too lazy but with this types you have the option to choose what's best suited for you during a race.

And then there are the tracks. There are multiple routes and two versions in each tracks. Plus, you can choose if you want to go forward or backward in each track. Signature takedowns are replaced by signature shortcuts where you crash an opponent's car on a shortcut blockade to permanently open it up. It's challenging, which adds more to the game's replay value. The only thing that bothered me in having multiple route in a single track is that sometimes I keep crashing on "dead" ends/traps when on unfamiliar terrain. It's not reason enough to stop me from playing so it's all cool with me. A little familiarity with the tracks and it's all good once more.

Now to the gaming letdowns. Burnout Dominator can be sometimes underwhelming when it comes to crashes. Imagine a car running more than 200 mph and when it collides with something(like it hit REAL hard on something) all it sometimes get is a broken window, a dent here and there, and rarely a missing hood. It's rare to lose a tire or two and even see a deformed car. Whereas, in Legends a car running below 200 mph would be deformed already. I mean, isn't that what's Burnout all about? All the racing and crashing stuff.

Another letdown is the absence of the Crash Events. It's just a minor letdown though but it would certainly be a welcome break from the hectic Burnout race.

So, all in all, I still find Burnout: Dominator an enjoyable game apart from some things disliked. It contains more of the same stuff but it's a good on-the-go game, best played even on short burst.

P.S. Soundtracks on Legends nicer to listen than Dominator(except for S.O.S).