Loads of fun!

User Rating: 8.5 | Burnout Crash! X360
Have been looking forward to this over the last couple of months. When I started seeing a couple of average reviews I thought "Oh no". But start reading some of these reviews and you realise that some of them are seeing the name BURNOUT and expecting more of the "off the shelve" style game we have all grown to love.
I love the simple yet detailed top down arcade look which works great. Also, once you have a few games you begin to notice the little extras which can boost your score quite a bit which start to give you more of a challenge during your game. These little things all start to add up to what becomes quite an engrossing explosive game.
Once you complete the Road Trip mode of a Junction, you then unlock 2 other modes. 1 is a fun 90 second chaotic pile up in rush hour traffic and the other is closer to the classic crash mode we have played in other Burnout titles. Last of all, they have included Autolog so you can keep uptodate with your friends scores who have the game.
Overall, i'm very glad I purchased the full game and well done Criterion and EA for are respectable price of 800MP you can't go wrong.