Insane sense of speed. The fastest game ever (not in terms of length of the gamE).

User Rating: 9.5 | Burnout 3: Takedown (Dutch) PS2
Burnout 3: Takedown is the third game in the high speed racing series, Burnout. Released on September 7, 2004, developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts (it is the first game in the series to be published by EA Games), the game drew critical acclaim and a large fanbase. A GameCube version was planned but was scrapped during development. This game has been followed up by Burnout Revenge.
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[edit] Gameplay

To show the recipient of the takedown crashing, particles and car parts fly all over (this can be disabled by the player). A player who crashes into traffic or obstacles himself or gets taken down by an opponent will have his/her boost meter reduced (but not below the minimum length). However, in the single-player mode, the player can apply "aftertouch" to subtly move his/her car in the direction held by the analog stick. Doing so allows him/her to direct his car into the path of an opponent's car approaching from behind. Successfully doing this results in an Aftertouch Takedown which will allow the player to retain the length of his boost meter.

This Aftertouch concept is even more important in the game's other primary mode, Crash. In this mode, the player is not racing opponents to the finish line. Instead, each Crash race allows the player to race at high speeds towards an intersection. It is the player's aim here to cause as much damage as possible by crashing into cars, trucks, flatbed trailers, etc. and therefore cause a huge pile-up, as approaching traffic crashes into the wrecks. The player is scored based upon the dollar amount of damage caused. High scores award medals which are used to unlock more tracks and cars. The player can attempt to get the highest score possible by steering towards various cash icons on the track, explosion icons, which act like mines, throwing the player's vehicle into the air, and 2x and 4x score multipliers. However, there is also a Heartbreaker icon which will automatically halve the player's score even after getting multipliers.

Burnout 3 features 173 different events in the offline mode, and 67 cars to unlock, including a City Bus, Fire Truck, and Garbage Truck for use in the Crash mode. There is also online play where up to six players can compete in a race, and eight players can compete in a Crash event. In online races, there is less aggression than in single player. Racers must focus on good drifts and avoiding traffic, not just takedowns, in order to win. This gives the online mode a different feel from single player. There is a racing variant known as Road Rage where players are divided into two teams. The blue team receives a three second head start and must drive a certain number of miles without being eliminated by being taken down. The red team attempts to takedown the blue team before they reach the finish line.

[edit] Locations

The game is split over three areas: USA, Europe and Far East. The exact locations of the tracks are just as differing as the tracks of previous Burnout series. A new asset to the race track environments are real-world landmarks and vehicles known famously to these locations: In the Downtown race track, Chicago's famous elevated subways can be seen, In the Waterfront race track, the San Diego Convention Center is seen, and in the Riviera race track, the Monte Carlo Casino is viewed briefly. As for the vehicular aspect, small three-wheeled taxis called tuk-tuks, which are found throughout Bangkok, can be seen in the Golden City track. The real names of these locations are never actually shown in the game, however.

The tracks are:
Location Track Name Real-life Equivalent
USA Silver Lake Rocky Mountain Nat. Park: a crystal-clear and silent lake surrounded by granite cliff faces and neighbored by a sleepy Main Street town!
USA Downtown Chicago: the tight alleyways and congested avenues of a major city and send your opponents into the elevated train track supports. A circuit built for precision thinking and fast reflexes against heavy traffic.
USA Waterfront San Diego: a fast-paced track filled with tight coastal turns, busy thoroughfares, and an intriguing tram system through the Gaslamp Quarter.
USA Kings of the Road A linear race from Downtown, through the highway section of Waterfront, and into Silverlake.
USA Lakeside Getaway Silver Lake - Waterfront
USA Mountain Parkway Silver Lake - Downtown
Europe Alpine Autobahn: a long, wide highway system past glorious castles, snow-capped peaks and perilously constructed toll booths and gas stations. A long track with a fast glimpse of Europe.
Europe Vineyard Avignon: traversing the beautiful winding roads of southern France and zoom by the ancient Papal Palace and the surrounding sidewalk cafes of Avignon.
Europe Winter City Vienna: Stephansdom, the U-Bahn and the Hofburg line the snow-covered track.
Europe Riviera Monaco: based on the fast based Monte Carlo circuit and filled with twisting roads and tunnels.
Europe Coastal Dream Riviera - Vineyards
Europe Continental Run Vineyards - Autobahn
Europe Alpine Expressway Winter City - Riviera
Far East Golden City Bangkok: a fast paced track through ancient and neon-clad marketplaces and modern, sleekly designed monorails and highways.
Far East Dockside Hong Kong: a track around the steep roads and winding scenic routes just outside of central Hong Kong, passing a busy docking harbor, a vulnerable ferry terminal, and the Lippo Centre towers.
Far East Island Paradise Koh Samui: a wide, scenic track featuring off-road areas through the jungle and packed coach terminals.
Far East Tropical Drive Island Paradise - Golden City

[edit] Soundtrack Main article: Burnout 3 soundtrack

The soundtrack for Burnout 3: Takedown featured near 40 songs and came complete with commentary from DJ Stryker from alternative radio station KROQ-FM in Los Angeles. Alternatively, Burnout 3 supported user created soundtracks on the Xbox with the usage of the Xbox hard drive.