Buy Burnout: Revenge instead of this one.

User Rating: 8.5 | Burnout 3: Takedown (Platinum Hits) XBOX
Burnout 3 is by no means a bad game, but it’s not as enjoyable and fast as its sequel Burnout: Revenge.

Story has never been a strong side in racing games and in Burnout 3 there really isn’t a story. On the other hand racing games are about driving and they are not generally speaking story-telling devices in themselves. Although at least Need For Speed: Most Wanted makes an exception in this rule.

Graphics are good, but not nearly as shiny and polished as in Burnout: Revenge and the loading times are much more longer and plentiful. Sound effects are passable, but again not nearly as impressive as in Burnout: Revenge. For some reason by default you’ll listen a DJ talking in radio while driving and especially when you’re NOT driving. The DJ is fun to listen for about two minutes and after that you do better by turning his comments off in the options menu. Trend here is getting clear, but much to my surprise the song selection in Burnout 3 is better than in its sequel Revenge. This is of course only my personal opinion.

Controls are great and your car is almost always easy to control. Unfortunately many gameplay issues makes Burnout 3 much less enjoyable than its sequel Revenge.

First when you start scrolling through racing menus you have to choose a place to race and there are many different races in one spot. Unfortunately if you have not won a gold medal in every race in that spot the game will tell you that “so-and-so many races available” (which means “so-and-so many gold medals still available to get”) giving an indication that there are new races for you available. All of this creates a situation, in which you have to scroll each spot through individually to find out, if there’s a new race available or not. This is needlessly complex.

When you are starting a race, most of the time you get to choose your car and change its color if you wish. Unfortunately choices you can make in terms of your vehicle’s color are very limited. For example yellow and green are nowhere to be found. When racing you can hit ONLY those cars that are marked as your rivals. If you hit ANY other car you’ll always crash. What this means is that you can hit your rival sending him flying up in the air and a second later crash with a bang by hitting to a small taxi. This takes a large amount of fun away when you are driving real fast, so playing Burnout 3 just isn’t as much fun as it is playing Burnout: Revenge.

With all that said, when you learn to tolerate these shortcomings comparing to the sequel Burnout 3 is a good game. But I still strongly recommend buying Burnout: Revenge instead of this one.