Bully is a perfect game. It is a must buy for all PS2 owners. Any age.

User Rating: 10 | Bully PS2
First off, the game is great. music,sound,story,and design. perfect. you start out coming from some place and your mom got married ... again. and you get dropped off at one of the worst schools is the state or even country! everyone there hates you,except 2 people. gary and pete. but gary calls him petey. gary makes you his friend and you do alot of things together. but im not going to spoil it so the games story is so great you might want to play again! and the music is awesome. when you fight someone thrilling music plays depending on who your fighting. and then the extras. well you can collect items,clothing,weapons. you must collect cards,rubber bands,smash yard gnomes,and doing errands! you get a whole town to explore. including s school witch allows you to freeroam. although you can drive a car, you can swim,bike,gocart,and motor scooter about everywhere. you can kiss girls for health bonuses too! who knew kissing makes you stronger? and one of the coolest things is the classes. you go to several classes.art,chmisytry,english,sop,photography,and gym. 2 a day for 3 days. then it reapets. you get bonuses for completing classes. 5 levels in all. very fun.