Shooting, leashing and kicking compromises of great trio. But lack of and new elements makes it plain and predictable.

User Rating: 8 | Bulletstorm PC
The name of this game quite fits for it. Bulletstorm is a game of heavy shooting set in some extremely magnificent and beautiful environments of an advanced era.

Story begins with you apparently carrying forth a heroic quest for your general leading a small unit of your friends. Later on, you discover the actually dirty works that the general was using you for. In the thirst of vengeance you take some foolish action which costs you the death of your team members except one. You and your mate then team up to cool down the heat of your dirty works and settle the general's account once and for all.
Storyline of the game isn't the one in which you can immerse in.

Gameplay mainly offers you 3 things. Your gun, a leash which pulls objects and enemies, and your bone-breaking kicks. Everytime you try these 3 factors out systematically to perform different combos like kicking an enemy and then leashing his head off, you get bonus points and above that loads and loads of entertainment.
BS's gameplay is the core cause of its success.

Graphics, presentation and sounds of the game are not a big bang but enough to satisfy the bloody scenarios of BS.

Overall, lack of innovation, predictable story and plain gameplay built on just 3 things gradually begins to turn boring. But BS's handy killing combos and intense annihilation taking place in some amazingly beautiful places guarantees to offer one thing, thorough fun.