A new version to all bullet firing games.

User Rating: 8 | Bulletstorm PS3
The most bloodiest, violent, killing game Ive ever witnessed. Like they say kill with skill. Well to mention the fact that there is no other way to kill in this game. The only thing I disaprove of this game is the setting. I dont want to battle on an abandend ramote planet I want to make my battles in a heavly populated area.
The fact of Bulletstorm is to kill someone in the most bizzare or efficent way such as kicking them into a pit of fire or blasting their head off with a bazooka.
The varity of weaponary is outstanding just as who wouldnt want to kill someone with an exploding sniper or a flying torpedo drill. Bulletstorm is a new evolution to sci -fi shooting events that could possibly be the future to warfare games or could possibly crash and burn. From the story line and the bonus ending that the people like me with the limited addition value bonus clip we can predict a Bulletstorm 2 to come out soon.