Refreshing deviation from the same ole CoD MW 1,2,3 rinse and repeat formula. Incredibly innovative and engrossing

User Rating: 9 | Bulletstorm PS3
To see such a brave title as Bulletstorm go mostly unnoticed by gamers that prefer the EXACT same FPS experience year after year from the CoD franchise, is very disappointing.

Bulletstorm formula is one of fresh ideas and innovation, which is for the most part executed well. It's a lippy, crude, vulgar and adolescent scripted dialogue, driving your standard FPS fair with outstanding gameplay mechanic innovations like the skillshot.

Skill-shot rewards the player with skill-points, which are essentially the games currency. Skillpoints are used to upgrade weapons, buy ammo, etc... and the more creative you are in killing your enemies, the more currency and thus upgrades you earn. There are endless ways to kill your crazed enemies and all of them are fresh, fun and well designed.

I really appreciate a fresh approach to this genre but sadly, the gamer community doesn't want ANYTHING new so titles like this will go mostly un-appreciated. I play many genres and it has become very apparent to me that FPS fans are the least creative and demanding of them all. they are utterly content to play the exact same game and the exact same multi-player, year after year after year.

The CoD franchise has single handedly destroyed innovation in the FPS genre. When games like Bulletstorm attempt to freshen the formula, it is mostly ignored and so developers will stop trying.

Regardless, I commend PCF for this retro-vibe, freshly designed shooter. I'm having more fun with this campaign than any Modern Warfare title to date. Bravo!