It's about how you kill not if you kill but it seems to get old pretty fast.

User Rating: 7 | Bulletstorm PS3
Bulletstorm is a game that focuses on how you kill certain enemies not why you kill them which is its main focus.

While it can be fun to throw people into vines for the first time or kick them in the face it does seem to get old pretty fast but the gameplay is thick and fast.

You get your usual weapons like pistol,Machine Gun,Shotgun,Rifle and even a gun that fires a shockwave. Each gun can be modded to give it a bit more firepower but thats really it in the terms of upgrades. One weapon you get from the go is like a leash and that sort f can send enemies on their backside and send them towards you for a gruesome kill.

Most of the game you are accompanied by some other people but like with most games the AI is not that clever. As you take down enemies your currency grows but some kills offer a bigger rewards in terms of points.

The main campaign is pretty short expect 6 hours maybe then there's a mode called Echoes Mode and the last appeal will be a little longer.Also like most games out there the game supports multiplayer but its pretty dissapointing because its not one of those big games where loads of people will be playing it and it a seemingly lackustre experience.

Overall I say this game has its ups and downs but after a while some of the kills you do get a bit tiring and aren't as cool as you thought they were. It is a fast paced game though in terms of a FPS but looking at the competition out there it is all about how you kill in this game but after say about 1 or 2 hours it can get pretty tiring. Still worth a rent I'd say.