It needs the cover system from the Gears of War series

User Rating: 8.5 | Bulletstorm PC
It needs a cover system like the Gears of War series, that's the one thing that constantly pop up in my mind while I play the game. It's a crazy game loaded with a lot of fun, but it would be perfect if it adopts the cover system like the GoW series, and give you a bit more strategy in deciding how each encounter will play out. Maybe becuase the GoW series sets the bar very high for any shotter series, but playing any shooter on Xbox 360 without a decent cover system just feel inadequate these days.
With all the complain about the lack of cover system aside (no, ducking down is not a good enough substitute for a cover system), Bulletstorm is definitely entertaining. The leash and kick system brings a whole new dimension to a fast paced shooter, all the carnage just make the experience more enjoyable.
The windows live part on the PC game makes you want to bang your head against the wall, but once you get past the install and Live registration/login portion, you're rewarded with better graphics (given you have the HW muscle to turn on the eye candy) on the PC compared to the Xbox360 verison. The game runs fastastic and looks great on the mid-range system I have (C2Q Q9550 with Readon HD 6770 1G and 8G RAM), there are ocassional bugs regarding collision detection and sound glitch in a few spots in the PC version to show the rough spots every here and there, but it's rare enough not to be too distracting. The skillshot reward system is extra entertaining and will have you thinking about creative ways to punish your enemies all the way through the game.
It's not a perfect game, but highly enjoyable, it's also very cheap now, get it and enjoy it.